Donald Trump Just Weighed In on “#Twittergate”—and I Really Wish He Hadn’t

6 hours 59 minutes ago
On Friday afternoon, Substack writer Matt Taibbi tweeted what he called “The Twitter Files,” a series of internal documents he says he obtained from sources at the social media company. The documents appear to show internal conversations about Twitter’s decision to block a New York Post story about Hunter Biden from its platform in October […]
Jackie Flynn Mogensen

The US Men’s Soccer Team Lost Today, but the Women Won Big

9 hours 7 minutes ago
The United States is out of the men’s World Cup. The US team was eliminated from the tournament after getting trounced by the Netherlands 3-1 in Qatar on Saturday, a disappointing loss for hopeful American fans. But for the US women’s team, this World Cup represents a major victory—a cash victory. Under a new labor […]
Jackie Flynn Mogensen